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53: Words “Bad Luck and Trouble”

25 Sep

Reacher. He’s the good guy. Don’t mess with him or his special investigators. In “Bad Luck and Trouble,” the bad guys mess with the investigators and pay the price. Lee Child has a deft hand at furious action, bigger than life characters and even a bit of humor. One of the series’ best.


Bad Luck and Trouble TV trailer

The TV trailer promoting Bad Luck and Trouble by bestselling author Lee Child. http://www.randomhouse.com


53: Words “Even” by Andrew Grant

3 Sep

Tommie Aaron. Ron Allen. Casey Affleck. Lesser brothers of star siblings. Andrew Grant is to Lee Child. “Even,” is David Trevellyan–Jack Reacher minus machismo + British pedigree.  Setup is crisp. Middle meanders and hits potholes. Ending -solid and sequel worthy. Not the real thing but a good step-Child.

Andrew Grant Interview | CrimeSpree Blog