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53: Words- Chez Leon, Brussels

16 Sep

Mussels in Brussels. It rhymes and has reason. Chez Leon, a terrific place sits loudly amidst a bunch of pretenders on a twisty touristy street by the Grand Case. Mussels steamed with a sauce of your choosing, a side of frites, a beer and perhaps a salad. Chocolate (real deal) nearby. Perfection.


Mussels in Chéz Leon restaurant

Author:LokoN Only One


53: Words- “Restaurant Impossible”

8 Sep

Robert Irvine isn’t someone to mess around with. He’s a hulking sort of dude who doesn’t profile as a serious chef and restaurateur. That said, “Restaurant Impossible” is a kinder, gentler “Kitchen Nightmares” void of F-bombs that often focuses on the human side of restaurant failures. Two days, 10Gs and magic happens

Restaurant: Impossible


53 Words: “Come Dine with Me”

30 Aug

“Come Dine with Me” (UK) The TV setup of setups: strangers hold nightly dinner parties for one week and select one to win a pile of cash. The banter– sometimes cheeky often downright pie-in-the-face funny. Comedian David Lamb, drier than July in Arizona, offers riotous narrative. TLC tried a rip off and failed.

Come Dine With Breakfast Part 2 (Breakfast, 24.12.10)

First, Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull are doing the cooking, then in Part 2, it’s Susanna Reid and Charlie Stayt. Who will win the Come Dine With Breakfast Christmas Challenge? Stay tuned to find out! (C) BBC 2010

53 Words: “Bar Rescue”

30 Aug

A dzlubby guy walks into the bar and says, “The bad news is your place sucks. The good news is I can help you.” And so “Bar Rescue” episodes begin. Jon Taffer is a bar turnaround maven and does so with equal measures gruff and glee. Fret not, there’s plenty of ble*p**g.