The Idea

53:Words is a look at all things, interesting and otherwise recapped and reviewed in 53 words or less. Why 53? The smartass in me says, why not. The answer could be that most other numbers were taken by corporate web infidels but in reality the number has significance to my life. No, I am not 53 years old.

I am a reviewer with the ability to sum up (we in the biz call it synthesize) a lot of material into small digestible packages of joy.  In my days, I have reviewed books, movies, TV, sports broadcasters, restaurants and lots of other things I seem to have forgotten. I actually have been paid to do the preceding tasks (believe it or not). I could say I’m a Renaissance Man, but that would make me really old and sound egocentric. You, on the other hand, can heap loving praise on my musings.

Enjoy. If not, hit the search button and type in Funk Brothers and enjoy the guys who played wonderful background for the classic Motown singers of the ‘60s.

Allen Weiner


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